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Are you interested in being an international volunteer on projects in inclusive markets?

This is your opportunity to take part in consultancy projects in inclusive markets. ESADE Alumni Social and (ESADE SUD) (university support for development) work together on joint projects to increase production in developing countries and achieve positive economic results that benefit local inhabitants and communities. This project involves both senior alumni and current students. The alumni travel to the country first and provide consultancy support on site, and then return after pinpointing activities in which students on the SUD programme can subsequently do their internships. During their stay, these students receive distance tutoring from participating alumni using new technologies. We seek to create long-lasting cooperation and involvement with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the company, usually a cooperative, as an inclusive project.


What is involved:

- Two- or three-week trip to the site. Consultancy work on site. Pinpointing work opportunities for students, analysis of potential and activities to improve future organisation.
- Distance tutoring for students who travel out subsequently.
- Involvement for at least two years on project follow-up. Twice-monthly Skype meetings to monitor evolution and give advice on how to achieve goals.


- We are looking for alumni with experience in their own company, start-up, family firm or enterprise.
- With experience in developing countries and used to travelling
- People with a sense of social responsibility, awareness, empathy and commitment.
- People able to solve problems at work, versatile, multidisciplinary and decisive.
- Flexible and adaptable. .


Available projects:


Peru – CCAIJO & Sumac Ausangate – production of dairy products – travel in spring 2018 – 2 alumni volunteers

Since 2012 CCAIJO has been helping rural communities in the Ocongate district of Cuzco, Peru with milk production (more than 500 families) and improving their dairy product processing businesses. The collaboration will focus on:

- Improving cost control systems to enable better and fairer pricing and transfers between the groups involved

- Standardisation of manufacturing processes in family factories and the cheese ripening room

- Design and development of marketing strategy involving all partners - Help with planning the development of the milk production chain in the Ocongate district

- Improving the business management skills of the CCAIJO teams of technicians involved in business and production social ventures.


Peru – CIPCA & APPROCAP Association – cocoa production – travel in spring 2018 – 2 alumni volunteers

APPROCAP was created in 2003 in the Piura region of northern Peru to improve cocoa production processes. In the last five years, CIPCA has helped the association improve their ecological farming practices, achieving a 300% increase in the production of dry cocoa beans per hectare. The collaboration will focus on:

- Incorporating business management methods to ensure the organisation is run effectively and sustainably.

- Improving the organisation’s production and marketing by enhancing the quality of its products and expanding its markets.

- Having a technical and academic framework that provides conceptual support for the venture’s hands-on experience.



Bolivia – OXFAM INTERMON Programme “Companies that change lives” – peanut cooperatives – travel in March 2018 – 2 alumni volunteers

An SRL company based in Mizque, Cochabamba, Bolivia which will receive aid from Intermón Oxfam and has a lot of potential to help small peanut producers increase their sales and ensure steady income. The company has a regular customer in Germany which guarantees volume. The main problem is cash flow due to production times and reliance on intermediaries. The collaboration will focus on:

- Helping define the 2018 cash flow, particularly during the peanut buying and selling period from April to July.

- Diagnosing the internal management (currently very amateur) and suggesting improvements. The manager is a one-man band. He needs help in organising processes and delegating.

- Defining a new sales policy including a consumer goods retail channel.


Paraguay – OXFAM INTERMON “Companies that change lives” programme – soybean cooperatives – travel in autumn 2017 – 2 alumni volunteers

This programme was created in 2014 to foster the development of SMEs in developing countries. The focal point of the program is rural companies at the start-up phase with the potential to make a big impact in combating the poverty of small rural producers. The collaboration will focus on:

- Providing knowledge in the form of strategies to increase the customer portfolio.

- Helping improve the organisation to ensure more effective management control

- Helping pinpoint synergies and drawing up an action plan between the different associations of soybean producers.

Projects carried out


Paraguay, CEPAG (Jesuit Comparte network) – sesame oil cooperative

- Support for two associations of sesame oil producers in Paraguay (more than 800 rural families).

- Work on improving organisation and production. Guidance on how to enlarge markets. Boost product demand by marketing techniques.

- Support for improving the networking of existing oil producers.

- Implementation of a management model for rural associated companies, now being driven by peasant organisations, to increase the returns of farm production with particular emphasis on ecological farming.


Bolivia – OXFAM INTERMON “Companies that change lives” project – Tomala cooperative: production and sale of honey.

- Support for the mid-term creation and development of an internal organisation plan for a company producing and selling honey in the Yungas region.

- Proposal for organisation structure. Pinpoint the value added that distinguishes it from other alternatives.

- Survey of supply conditions and provision of the management methods necessary to enable self management and facilitate anticipated market expansion.

- Design of 24-month support plan.


Bolivia – OXFAM INTERMON “Companies that change lives” project – Acuapez project, producer of balanced food for fish farming

- Support for the consensual analysis of the strategic priorities of this company created by fish farmers to satisfy the fish food needed for their own association and other potential clients.

- Guidance in defining and implementing a participatory model by creating a directory.

- Diagnosis of the capabilities of the authorities and advice about their mentoring needs to strengthen the leadership of the management committees.

- Proposed schedule to facilitate the fulfilment of the work plan.


Nicaragua – Universidad Centro Americana (UCA), Managua – university education

- Guidance in drafting and implementing the UCA’s strategic plan in Nicaragua.

- Combined effort of proposals that enhanced the university’s finance model.

- Work on equal opportunities for access to higher education for local youth.

- Design and implementation of measures to make the organisation more efficient.


Mexico – YOMOL A ‘ TEL – coffee cooperative in Chiapas

- Help and support for the group of social economy companies consisting of 2,000 Tzeltal families in the northern region of Chiapas state.

- Support for business and marketing strategies to strengthen the Capeltic coffee brand.

- Search for product diversification opportunities that minimize risk.

- International marketing plan to ensure the sustainability of the new range of agricultural products

- Proposal for organisation and implementation of control and logistics system in different production plants and storage centres.


Some of our alumni experiences:

Manel Gastó ESADE SUD Paraguay

Manel Gastó (DEC 04) tells us about his experience

at Nicaragua

Xavier Dueñas (EDIEF 88 / EDIK 90) and

Yulia Mukhacheva (DIN 15) at Paraguay

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