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If you are a non-profit-making entity and you think that Alumni Social can help you, send an email to or call Isabel Rallo / Maya Riera on +935 530 217.


Check out the guidelines of next editions:

12th Alumni Social Project
PDF file

Information about partnership agreement for entities selected
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Form to be filled out by entities interested in taking part
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Selection criteria for entities requesting giving-back consultancy support

The following criteria are guidelines for the committee responsible for assessing and selecting the entities to receive support from Alumni Social. This is not a comprehensive list but an outline of the areas evaluated for each project submitted. Items are not in order of priority, they will be evaluated as a whole.

1. Precision and clarity of the exact request for help. Applications that are very well defined and delimited will receive higher priority than vague requests. The more precise the request, the easier it will be to understand and help.

2. Involvement of the management and board of trustees in the specific task to be carried out. All the organizations for whom we act as voluntary consultants must have at least the explicit approval of the board of trustees.

3. Real need of the request for help. Priority will be given to the requests whose underlying issue is most urgent.

4. Aim of the activity. Priority will be given to entities with innovative social activities and modus operandi. We are also interested in entities whose activities have a multiplier effect, and we feel that organisations able to give our volunteers closer contact with the issues they deal with have more to offer.

5. Size. Our desire is to help small and medium-sized NGOs because we believe that larger NGOs can obtain consultancy support of this type by other means.

6. Number of employees. Participating entities must have a minimum structure because Alumni Social teams have between seven and nine volunteers. Teams of this size would be of no use in entities that do not have at least ten employees. The entity must be able to assign a member of its front-line management to deal with the team of volunteers.

7. Years of history. We would like to deal with well-established entities, i.e. at least ten years old, so we will evaluate the organisation’s proven track record. More recent entities may, however, be considered if they offer innovative services or address needs that have arisen recently, providing we can confirm the solid basis of their activities.

8. Members of the board of trustees. Boards consisting of professional, serious and reliable persons lend greater credibility to the organisation’s activities. Credit will also be given to boards willing to improve their entity’s governance and transparency criteria.

9. Suitability of the requested task for the capabilities and expertise of our volunteers. Priority will be given to tasks in line with the knowledge and experience acquired at ESADE. Our volunteers have professional knowledge in very wide areas, but some requests might concern areas of knowledge in which no volunteers are available in a given year.

10. Number of persons who would benefit. We realise that organisations that benefit large numbers of people need help more urgently than those dealing with the problems of small groups. We give priority to entities whose activities benefit a larger number of persons directly or indirectly.

11. Scope of services. The wider the range of services, the more enriching the experience would be for our volunteers.

12. Location of the entity. We work mainly in the provinces of Madrid and Barcelona. However, each year we try to work for entities in other provinces. The priority depends on the number of specific volunteers we have in each city.

Contact us by email to or call Isabel Rallo on +34 935 530 217.

Value proposition for partners and sponsors:

  • Communication: High number of impacts in unsaturated channels. Logos in newsletters, on materials, on the website, in the magazine.
  • Segmentation: Well-defined, high-value audience.
  • Proximity: Partner merchandising at our events.
  • Image: Association with ESADE values in activities with high emotional involvement.

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