Activity agenda


30/01/2018  Film Forum: Searching for Oscar
12/12/2017  Webinar: Teams Interdependence
29/11/2017  Film Forum: The C Word
06/07/2017  Film Forum: Free Lunch Society
06/07/2017  Closing ceremony of the XI Alumni Giving Back in Madrid
01/06/2017  XI Alumni Giving Back Closing ceremony: 'Personal development through social contribution'
17/05/2017  Film Forum: A Plastic Ocean. The illness affecting our seas
29/03/2017  Film Forum: Life animated, the power of imagination
02/03/2017  Webinar: 'Lessons learnt about measuring social impact', by Susana Balet (video available)
23/02/2017  Webinar: 'Finance for social ventures and investor profile', by Maria Raurell (video available)
21/02/2017  Film Forum: Before the flood. The science is clear, the future is not
07/02/2017  The attitude, key factor in achieving both individual goals and collective value (picture gallery available)
02/02/2017  Webinar: 'Strategic overhaul of social ventures', by Sophie Robin (video available)
19/01/2017  Webinar: 'Fundraising, new techniques and success stories', by Ángela Millán (video available) 
23/11/2016  Film Forum: Where to invade Next. For we have problems, no army can solve
08/06/2016  Closing Ceremony of the X Alumni Giving Back
17/05/2016  Film Forum: How To Change The World 
04/05/2016  Webinar: 'Effective presentations', by Ferran Ramón-Cortés (Lic&MBA 86)
12/04/2016  Film Forum: Racing Extinction 
14/03/2016  Webinar: 'Strategic Alliances', by Ángela Millan
02/03/2016  Webinar: 'How to improve NGO funding; social innovation for NGOs. Applying agile methodologies', by Santiago Puyol
25/02/2016  Film Forum: Frame by Frame. The reality of Afghanistan in photos
17/02/2016  Webinar: 'Introduction to design thinking for third-sector entities', by Elena Rodríguez Blanco
27/01/2016  Webinar: 'Introduction to social impact measurement and evaluation', by Susana Balet (Lic&MBA 08) 
03/02/2016  Gamification. Gami what? A technique applicable to virtually any sort of routine, field or activity ranging from voluntary work to industrial productivity 
20/01/2016  Film Forum: Salam Neighbor. Neighbors and refugees 
15/12/2015  Film Forum: The Venice Syndrome. Unsustainable tourism 
28/10/2015  Trust and trustee Forum: The transparency, responsibility and commitment of NGO boards of trustees 
13/10/2016  Film Forum: Bikes vs Cars